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Face Mask Extenders for Ear Relief

Face Mask Extenders for Ear Relief


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• Bulk order pricing ($1.35 to $1.50 based on quantity)
• Ear relief while wearing face masks

• Made in USA

For 500+ quantities, call us at 385-206-8700 or email at sales@whiteclouds.com

- Provides ear relief when wearing face masks.

- Face mask extenders are used by medical, dental, emergency healthcare works, and many other industries where face shields must be worn for long periods of time

- One size fits all - face shield extenders have different connection points based on the size of the persons head.

- Lightweight design allows for comfortable and extended wear

- Face mask extender is 3D Printed from PLA (polylactic acid) plastic

- Quick and easy to wear and remove

- Latex free

- Made in the USA

Height: 1/16"
Width: 1" flat - 9.5" while worn
Length: 6.75"
Color: Random
Usage: Multi-Use - Can be cleaned)
Material: PLA (polylactic acid)

WhiteClouds is located in Ogden, Utah. All products are manufactured and shipped from our 60,000 sq. ft. facility. Various shipping methods will be used depending on the quantity of face mask extenders:

  • An order from 1-100 extenders will ship via USPS.
  • An order from 101-1,500 extenders will ship via FedEx.
  • An order that has more than 1,500 extenders will ship via LTL (private motor cargo carriers).

How quickly can we ship? Typically, we can begin shipping your orders once production has completed. Depending on size of order, special requirements, and our workload this can be as soon as the same day of the order.

How many can we produce daily? We can produce approximately 1,000 per day and are currently ramping up for more.

Can our shields be used more than once? Our face shields are intended for a single use, but they are built strong enough for multiple uses. We recommend you clean them with sanitary disinfectant wipes.

What types of organizations are WhiteClouds customers? We work with customers all over the world in all industries including many Fortune 500 organizations. We produce 3D medical models for healthcare providers and 3D veterinary models for various veterinary customers. See some of our customers here

Do you have a question we didn‘t answer? Don't hesitate to contact us at 1-385-206-8700 or email us at sales@whiteclouds.com.

  • Dental Face Shield As low as: $3.95
  • Medical Face Shield As low as: $3.95