Helix Nebula NGC 7293, 2011 - Canvas Wrap

Helix Nebula NGC 7293, 2011 - Canvas Wrap

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• Extra-Large Gallery Canvas Wrap Print
• Hand-Stretched, Expertly Crafted
• Artist Grade Canvas with Fade-Resistant Inks
• Ready to Hang with Pre-Installed Hardware
• 1.5" Thick Gallery Frame

Enrich your office decor or home with a large canvas wrap.  It is designed for easy hanging with pre-installed hardware.  Printed with archival inks and wrapped around a 1.5" thick gallery frame, your favorite art will have a timeless and impressive look that fits with any decor.

Photo by WikiImages in 2011

The Helix Nebula (NGC 7293): A Celestial Eye into the Cosmos

There is an eye in the cosmos, peering out from the depths of space with an inscrutable gaze.  That cosmic eye is none other than the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293), one of the closest and most remarkable planetary nebulas to Earth. Its intricate structure, vibrant colors, and eerie resemblance to a giant eye have earned it a place in popular culture and have made it a favorite among astronomers and stargazers alike.  Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing world of the Helix Nebula.

An Overview of the Helix Nebula

Located in the constellation Aquarius, approximately 655 light-years from Earth, the Helix Nebula is a cosmic spectacle.  It's often referred to as the "Eye of God" or the "Eye of Sauron" (from the Lord of the Rings), due to its uncanny resemblance to a giant eye in the sky.  The nebula's official designation, NGC 7293, is derived from its entry in the New General Catalogue, a comprehensive catalogue of deep-space objects.  At a glance, the Helix Nebula is a large, circular cloud of gas and dust with a bright central star surrounded by layered shells of material.  The nebula spans about 2.5 light-years across, roughly half the distance between the Sun and the nearest star, Proxima Centauri.  Its apparent size in the night sky is similar to that of the full Moon.

A Closer Look at the Eye in the Sky

The Helix Nebula is what's known as a planetary nebula, a term coined in the 18th century due to the round, planet-like appearance of these objects in early telescopes.  Despite the name, planetary nebulas have nothing to do with planets.  They represent a stage in the life of a medium-sized star, like our Sun, when it expels its outer layers, leaving behind a hot, dense core known as a white dwarf.  The central star of the Helix Nebula, a white dwarf, is one of the closest of its kind to Earth.  Its intense ultraviolet radiation causes the ejected gases to glow, creating the nebula's distinctive colors.  The multi-layered appearance of the Helix is due to mat erial expelled at different periods during the star's death throes, creating a complex structure of gas and dust shells. Incredibly, the complex structure of the Helix Nebula provides a glimpse into the possible future of our own Solar System.  In about five billion years, the Sun will exhaust its nuclear fuel and cast off its outer layers, possibly creating a planetary nebula and leaving behind a white dwarf.  This process will transform the Solar System, just as the progenitor star of the Helix Nebula transformed its own environment.

The Helix Nebula Through Human Eyes

The Helix Nebula's relative proximity to Earth makes it an excellent target for both professional astronomers and amateur stargazers.  Observations from ground-based telescopes and spacecraft like the Hubble Space Telescope have provided stunningly detailed images of the Helix, revealing its complex structure and colorful gas clouds.  The nebula's vivid blue-green center and reddish outer ring are a testament to the beautiful complexity that can arise in the final stages of a star's life.  The mesmerizing beauty of the Helix Nebula has also found its way into popular culture, inspiring artwork, music, and even science fiction stories.  Its celestial gaze serves as a reminder of the awe-inspiring wonders that lie beyond our home planet.

Conclusion: A Cosmic Wonder

The Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) offers more than just a pretty picture.  It provides astronomers with valuable insights into stellar evolution and the eventual fate of our Sun.  It presents a model for studying the dynamics of gas and dust in space, illuminated by the glow of a dying star.  Most importantly, it serves as a source of inspiration and wonder, reminding us of the fascinating and beautiful universe that awaits our exploration. As we peer into the celestial eye of the Helix Nebula, we find ourselves looking into the cosmic mirror of our own solar future, beckoning us to venture further into the depths of the cosmos.

How do you Locate Helix Nebula NGC 7293

Locating the Helix Nebula, NGC 7293, in the night sky can be an exciting endeavor.  Here's a simple guide to help you find this celestial marvel:

Know when to look:  The best time to observe the Helix Nebula is during the autumn months, specifically in October, when the constellation Aquarius – home to this nebula – is at its highest in the sky.

Understand its location:  The Helix Nebula is located in the constellation Aquarius, The Water Bearer.  To find Aquarius, first look for the constellation Pegasus, The Flying Horse, which is relatively easy to spot due to its large square of four stars, known as the Great Square of Pegasus. Directly to the south (below) of the Great Square, you'll find the constellation Aquarius.

Find the right area within Aquarius:  Locating the exact spot of the nebula within Aquarius can be challenging, as Aquarius is a relatively faint constellation.  The Helix Nebula is positioned roughly midway between the stars ψ1 Aquarii and ι Aquarii.  It would be very beneficial to use a detailed star chart or astronomy software to assist you in pinpointing these stars.

Use appropriate equipment:  Given its low surface brightness, the Helix Nebula is not typically visible to the naked eye.  A small telescope or good pair of binoculars should allow you to view it from a dark sky location, although you will likely see it as a faint, large, and somewhat circular cloud. Higher-powered telescopes, ideally 8 inches or more in aperture, will start to reveal the nebula's distinctive disc shape and central star.

Take your time:  Your eyes need time to adjust to the darkness and discern faint objects in the night sky.  Spend some time allowing your eyes to dark adapt, and use a red flashlight to read your star charts, as red light minimally impacts your night vision.

Consider joining a local astronomy club or society:  Experienced members can provide helpful advice, and these organizations often have access to larger, more powerful telescopes that can offer stunning views of deep sky objects such as the Helix Nebula.

Remember, finding specific celestial objects takes practice, patience, and clear, dark skies.  But the thrill of discovery and the beauty of the night sky make it an adventure worth undertaking.

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SKU: CW8462
Material: Artist Grade Canvas
Depth: 1 1/2" Thick Gallery Frame
Wrap Style: Stretched Edge - Image wraps around the edge

Superior Quality, Crafted By Hand

Our gallery quality large canvas wraps are each crafted by hand. They are professional canvas wraps meant to compliment any room. Built to last with precision around a wood frame, each canvas wrap is hand-stapled with care, so they stay firm with tight, clean corners for years to come. You will be able to easily hang your canvas wrap in minutes. Comes complete with a hanging kit at no extra cost.

Our archival inks prevent fading to preserve as much fine detail as possible over time. We use artist grade cotton/polyester canvas materials that are acid-free. These canvas materials are heavyweight for a quality feel.

The optional dust covers are designed for large canvas wraps to be used in high traffic areas or commercial spaces.

Our materials are gallery quality. Canvas prints are built with high quality, UV-resistant, environmentally-friendly, fade-resistant, latex archival inks and artist-grade poly-cotton canvas. Our archival inks prevent fading to preserve as much fine detail as possible over time.


Built to last with precision around a 1.5 inch kiln-dried wood frame, a processed pine wood material that has all moisture removed to prevent further damage. Each frame also has extra support inside due to the large size of our canvas prints. Each canvas wrap is then hand-stapled with care to ensure tight corner folds and secure construction so they stay firm with tight, clean corners for years to come.

1.5" Kiln-Dried Framework

Hand Stretched, Tight Edges

Canvas material:

We use artist grade cotton/polyester canvas materials that are acid-free, specifically 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. Polyester is used in order to preserve the durability, elasticity, and low cost of our products, yet still maintaining the natural, breathable qualities that cotton provides. Our acrylic coating further protects our canvas from damage and staining, keeping the canvas as low-maintenance as possible. Our final finish provides a Matte/Natural White look in order to maintain the neutrality of the base, so that our photos will look their best as they are stretched over the frame.

  • Composition: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
  • Finish: Matte / Natural White
  • Texture: Medium

Our canvas prints are slightly more heavyweight for a quality feel, but it is much lighter than a standard framed painting and less likely to cause damage to the wall. With a medium weight of 320 grams per square meter (GSM) or 9.5 ounces per yard squared (OSY), our canvas is made to be just sturdy enough while still keeping the material light and flexible. There are 470 microns which measures the diameter of the fibers, making it about 7 times thicker than the average human hair! This thickness gives our canvas the durability it needs as well as the unique texture that accompanies canvas.

  • Weight: 9.5 osy / 320 gsm
  • Thickness: 18.5 mil / 470 microns
  • Weave Construction: 2:1

Clean Corner Fabrication

Printers and Ink

We have the latest HP Latex printers and archival ink to produce consistent and quality results. The inks are environment-friendly and reduce fading for up to 200 years according to HP.

Hanging hardware comes installed on each canvas wrap we fabricate. The type of hanger depends on the size of the art-piece. It may be a sawtooth hanger or a pre-installed cable bracket system for larger canvas wraps (see images below).

If you have chosen the finished back on your traditional canvas, we will cover the back of your canvas with a white dust cover. Installation is as easy as placing 1 or 2 screws/nails into the wall and then laying the cable or hanger over them. Lastly, tilt the canvas wrap until it is level.

Stainless steel cable hangers for larger canvas wraps

Sawtooth hangers for smaller canvas wraps

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