FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Why Order from WhiteClouds? WhiteClouds has everyday low pricing and a satisfaction guarantee.  Our products are each carefully crafted by hand by professional fabricators in the United States. We lead the 3D cloud services market for finished end-use products for hundreds of brands. At WhiteClouds, we are dedicated to working with you in making your vision a reality.

Specific to canvas wraps: Our gallery quality large canvas wraps are each hand-crafted by professional fabricators. Each one is made to compliment any room. Built to last with precision around a wood frame, each canvas wrap is hand-stapled with care, so they stay firm with tight, clean corners for years to come.  We use artist grade cotton/polyester canvas materials that are acid-free. 

What types of organizations are WhiteClouds customers?  We work with individual customers, home-buyers and with companies large and small including many Fortune 500 organizations. They come from all over the world in all industries.  See some of our customers here



How long does it take to fabricate our products?  Our canvas wraps are hand-crafted and usually take 1-4 days for production.  Our 3D raised relief map products usually take 10-14 business days for completion.  Our metal products usually take 10-14 days for completion.  Other product fabrication times are included in individual production descriptions.  

Where do your products ship from?  WhiteClouds is located in Ogden, Utah. All products are manufactured and shipped from our facilities. 

What canvas print sizes do you offer?  Our sizes range from 20” x 20” for our smallest square canvas wrap to 110” in length for our largest standard canvas wrap.  We can go even bigger with our custom sized gigantic or panoramic canvas wraps. Our standard canvas wraps are also all 1.5” thick, but we can go thicker for custom orders. 

Can we submit a photo for a custom Canvas Wrap? Can I request a custom size?  Call for a FREE quote for any size or image on Custom Large Panoramic Canvas Prints at 385-206-8700 or email us at sales@whiteclouds.com

Can I place an order by phone or email?  You can call us at 385-206-8700 or email us at sales@whiteclouds.com

What are my payment options?  You can pay by credit card (VISA, American Express, Discover, Mastercard), Paypal, Check, Bank Wire, and ACH.



How can I track my order?  Once your order is ready to ship, we will notify you by email that your item has shipped (with the shipping/tracking information included).

When can I expect to receive my order after it has been shipped?  Typically, this can be from 3-7 days, but can be longer outside of the continental United States.

What happens if my product arrives damaged or altered in any way? Please review our damages policy here.

What happens if the order I receive is incorrect (size/image/etc.)  Please review our return policy here.

How can I cancel my order?  Please review our cancellation policy here.

What should I do if my product says it has been delivered but I have not received it?  Please check your neighbor or close addresses, then contact the shipping carrier. 

Can WhiteClouds ship to multiple locations? Yes, there may be additional shipping and handling charges.  Please contact us to discuss options.



How do I hang up my Canvas Wrap?  You will be able to easily hang your canvas wrap in minutes. If you order from us, your canvas wrap comes complete with a hanging kit at no extra cost!

How do I take care of my Canvas Wrap?  Our archival inks prevent fading to preserve as much fine detail as possible over time. Optional dust covers are available and designed for large canvas wraps to be used in high traffic areas or commercial spaces. Avoid placing them in high humidity areas, direct sunlight, or places where temperature changes drastically. 

How do I clean my Canvas Wrap if it gets dirty?  If your canvas wrap happens to get dirty, do NOT use any chemicals to clean it. First try a duster or a soft, dry cloth. If you must, a sort wash cloth with warm soapy water is recommended, gently rubbing the affected area. 



Where do I learn more about WhiteClouds Policies?  Please review our policies here.


Do you have a question we didn‘t answer?  Don't hesitate to contact us at 1-385-206-8700 or email us at sales@whiteclouds.com.